Contact Us

Sarah Thompson, Executive Director
2490 Briggs Woods Trail

P.O. Box 474
Webster City, IA 50595
Phone  (515) 832-9575       Toll Free  800-944-5022

Board of Directors
President- David Young, Stanhope – Board of Supervisors

Vice President- Bruce Johnson, Jewell
Secretary/Treasurer- Rick Young, Jewell

Board Members
Marv Norem, Ellsworth
Fred Marcalus, Jewell Alternate
Jessica Murray, Stanhope
Shelley Clausen, Stanhope
Polly Hayes, Stanhope Alternate
Mary Sealine, Rural Stratford
Greg Carlson, Stratford
Amanda Westrum, Stratford
Jeanette Tempel, Kamrar
Scott Nieman, Kamrar

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