Dragoon Trail

Dragoon Trails

Welcome to the Hamilton County portion of The Scenic Road Route of The Dragoon Trail.

When the Dragoons first traversed Iowa, there were no settlements or established roadways. Lieutenant Albert Lea, the Dragoon chronicler and topographer, had only rivers to use as guides. His Iowa District report was the first use of the phrase “Iowa, the beautiful land” to describe our state.

Dragoons, were lightly armed Cavalry soldiers who rode swift horses and scouted the land for potential enemies. They originated in England. They were first used in America during the Revolutionary War. These men were sent to Iowa to scout this area, locate and record the number of American Indians, and keep settlers out of the region acquired in the Black Hawk Purchase. They were known as the “Watchmen of the Borders”.

Retrace The Dragoon Trail to relive the Dragoon adventure and discover the beauty of this land.